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Archaeological and Heritage

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Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage









The Government Museum is centrally located on the Kastuba road (then Sydney road) in Bengaluru spread in an area of 190655 Sq.mtrs. The Museum was first established at the Cantonment’s jail building. It continued to function there for 13 years until 1978. The current site of the museum was identified for the new museum. The new museum (the Current structure was planned and build in 1877 by Col. Richard Hieram Sankey, the Chief Engineer of Mysore State at that time. The museum was popularly known as the Tamasha house (entertainment house). Currently.  The Government Museum Bangalore is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Archaeology, Museums and Heritage, Government of Karnataka.  


19065 Sq.mrts.


The museum is devoted to the regional history covering the Cultural, Sociological and Historical aspects of Bengaluru District.  It is serving the most useful purpose of educating the people. The concept report will highlight the storyline, thematic representations, and use of hyper-connected tools, visitor’s movement, facilities and services. The museum is special as it is one of the oldest Museums in India and the second oldest Museums in South India.


Pre-historic to Early historic:

The Museum collections range from Lithic times to 20th century. The museum is also home to Halmidi inscription. The earliest Kannada Inscription (450CE). The main objective is to revitalise the historic building as a cultural asset of the city and highlight the museum collection with an exclusive storyline.  The pre-historic tools, weapons, Bronzes, Sandal wood, Ivory Inlay works, Ivory Articles from Kaveri Emporium, Copper Plates, Manuscripts, Arms and Armoury, Traditional paintings Wood Carvings, Musical Instruments, Stone Sculptures, Children Section, Chinese Objects  are exhibited in the Museum.


Coins: - 1834

Filigree : - 23

Medals : - 31



The museum has total 1834 coins collections.  These coins are ascribable to 19th-20th centuries.  Though not of much antiquarian value, these coins show the currency system in India and show how artistically they are manufactured.

Are: George-IV,V,VI, Quarter Anna, Half Anna etc.,  

  • Filigree:

     The museum has total 23 filigree works.

  • Medals:

 The museum has totalled 31 Medals collections.  These Medals are ascribable to 19th-20th centuries.


Paintings: - 165 nos. Traditional Paintings


  • Paintings

Karnataka had developed its own school of Art.  Painting is one of its forms and an interesting section of the Museum.  Paintings displayed in this Museum are typical examples of different varieties. 

Sculptures: - 219 nos. Stone Sculptures

  • Stone Sculptures ranging from 12th to 17thbelongs to Maurya Dynasty to Vijayanagar Dynasty   century have been exhibited in the halls of the Museum.

  • We have some important stone Inscriptions like Halmidi, BegurAlaku and Doddahundi etc.


Bronzes : -

  • The museum has totally 141 Bronze items.


Sandal Wood:

  • The museum has 70 Sandal Wood  items.

Ivory Inlay :

  • The museum has 82 Ivory Inlay works.

Ivory Articles:

  • The Museum has 992 Ivory Articles from Cauvery Emporium, which have been displayed in the Museum Hall.

Copper Plates:

  • The Museum has 05 Copper Plates, which have been displayed in the Museum Hall.

Arms and Armoury:

  • The Museum has 451 Arms and Armoury which have been displayed in the Museum. 

Traditional paintings:

  • The Museum has 165 Traditional Paintings. These Traditional paintings which have been displayed in the Museum.

Wood Carvings :

  • The Museum has 133 nos. of Wood Carvings.

Musical Instruments:

  • The Government Museum, Bengaluru has 51 nos. of Musical Instruments and these Musical Instruments are displayed in Museum.

Chinese Objects:

  • The Museum has 105 nos. of Chinese objects.


All days are open from 10:00AM to 05:30PM

Entrance Fees

For adults Rs.20/-  and  for children Rs.10/-

Parking Fees

Two Wheeler Rs.10/- and   Four Wheeler Rs.20/-

Suitable season for visit

All Season

Approach by Air

Bangalore International Airport

Approach by Train


Local Transport

Buses, Autorikshas, Taxis, Bengaluru Darshini etc.,


Assistant Director, Government Museum, Kasturba Road, Bengaluru.

Phone: 080-22864483


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